Photo by  Brian Van Wyk

Photo by Brian Van Wyk

Hi there!

Thanks for stoppin' by! My name is Geneviève Paris-Griffiths, but I go by 'Giouge' (the G's are soft.) I know, weird nickname… My grandpa couldn't pronounce my real name, so the nickname 'Giougiou' was given to me as a wee one. My nickname has had many variations since then and, as you can tell, Giouge was the one that stuck. 

I'm 23 years old and I reside in my hometown of Vancouver, British-Columbia. I never get sick of the beautiful city I grew up in. The Lower Mainland holds so many wonderful people and places, and I feel extremely lucky to call it my home. 

People are my favourite subjects. As you can probably agree with, they are endlessly inspiring. I feel very grateful to have so many wonderful individuals in my life. I love using photography as a tool not only to bring ideas to life, but to collaborate with people I care about. It's photography's ability to capture someone's personality and story that drew me to it. On my Instagram, you can often find a little write-up about the person / people I photographed in the caption underneath their photo. I like to paint a little picture of who they are, because people are so important!

I would love to shoot you! If you are interested in having your photo taken, or executing an idea, you can contact me at I also do natural light headshots. They are not on my website, but you can contact me for samples. 

I really hope you enjoy your stay, and that you're having a lovely day!